Fairbanks Choral Society

The Fairbanks Choral Society is a non-profit 501 C (3) educational organization and has as its purposes the encouragement of choral music in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, the annual sponsorship of Fairbanks’ Sing-It-Yourself-Messiah, the presentation of music by women composers, the creation and performance of new music by Alaskan and other contemporary composers, and the research and publication of music and articles related to Alaska’s musical history.


The Fairbanks Choral Society
and the FNSB Parks and Recreation presents
Third Concert for the Animals


The Borealis Brass
The Northland Youth Choir
plus other talented Animal Lovers

May 2014
Pioneer Park Centennial Theater

For More Information
Suzanne Summerville 456-1144 or ssummerville@gmail.com
Sponsored in Part by a Grant from the City of Fairbanks Hotel and Motel Bed-Tax


The 34th Annual

First Presbyterian Church
547 7th Avenue and Cushman

December 13, 2014

Church Singing

Messaiah singers
Photo by Sam Harrel/Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Handelís Messiah in Fairbanks

   The first Fairbanks Sing-It-Yourself-Messiah sponsored by the Fairbanks Choral Society took place on December 20, 1980, at the First Presbyterian Church.  With the exception of 2003 when the church was under renovation, it has been held there each year since.  Soloists for the first Sing-It-Yourself-Messiah were Yvonne Parks, Everna Worthen, Terry Atkins, Vivien Deiniger, Grady Paden, Harvey Fiskeaux, Frank Coder, and Tom Bascom. Since that time there have been more than 174 different soloists.  It has been the intent of the Choral Society to present "new voices" to the community at this event. A number of soloists have been singing their first Messiah and/or their first solo. The 31st held in 2010 was no exception. View a PDF of the soloists.

2010 Messiah Cover


        North to the Future: Musical Reflections on Alaska's History

Our on-going web research project can be viewed at www.alaskamusic.net

A Pet is a Friend for Life

     A number of years ago the Fairbanks Choral Society had a logo designed and a song written by Ann Kapp Andersen and Tamara Hann on the subject "A Pet is a Friend for Life." As in previous years, Fairbanks Master Gardeners and volunteers from the community will assist with the design and upkeep of the flowers and young trees at the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter during the summer months.

©  Tamara Hann, Text        © Ann Kapp Andersen, Music

   1. I come home and hear a welcome bark. That says you're glad I'm here. The most that you expect from me's a scratch behind the ear. I can read the evening paper; I can catch the T.V. news; You never mind if I decide to make a little snooze.

   2. I come home and see you curled in sleep; you look so peaceful there. You blink one eye, then close it fast, pretending you don't care. As I read the evening paper, you will jump into my lap. You softly purr to welcome me, and then resume your nap. You're a friend when I'm lonely; You can sooth an anxious heart. You are always glad to welcome me when we have been apart. You're a faithful, true companion, and you comfort me in strife. You're more than just an animal; you are my friend for life.

   3. You must know a pet is more than just a dog or cat or bird; It is a caring listener, when no one else has heard. Get a pet, and you'll discover what we gladly recommend: Adopt a pet to tomorrow; it will be a lifelong friend. You're so much more than an animal; you are my friend for life.



The Tanana-Yukon Historical Society
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City of Fairbanks Hotel and Motel Bed Tax
Donations by many private Fairbanksans who give graciously of their time and money to make our activities possible.


Thank you for your interest in the Fairbanks Choral Society. If you have any additional questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you!

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