2017, year of contrasts, WHO ENDS IN BEAUTY

If one considers the number of positive and negative aspects formed by the 5 slow planets of the solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) as the criterion of qualitative evaluation of a year, Year 2017 has the same number of negative (6) and positive (4) aspects as 2016. But of course these are aspects between different planets, which changes the climate of the year ahead. We will have to wait until 2018 to see the reverse, with five positive aspects and only two negative-eggs! Let’s keep our eyes on the 2018 horizon! …

So what about 2017?

Let us begin with the end: the year ends better than it begins. Thanks to Jupiter / Neptune at the beginning of December – which will play the extensions until August 2018 – we can count on a society more inclined to empathy, sharing and spirituality, while we can expect an (early) The problem of migrants. This cycle being that of France, this country should be specially involved … Since the end of 2016, particularly noteworthy because of the exact aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus on Christmas Day (!), And then through 2017, In mid-October when Jupiter changes sign to enter Scorpio), the global planetary climate resembles a potpourri full of contradictions: On one side, with Saturn / Uranus, the cycle of the United States and the right – at Christmas, then in May (!) And in November – the right is privileged everywhere to the detriment of the left; On the other hand, there is a tendency to make new with old (recycling), a phenomenon that happily opposes programmed obsolescence. To the great benefit of the planet. On the other hand, with Jupiter / Uranus, very active, there too, around Christmas and then beginning of March and beginning of October, there will be a climate favorable to inventions and discoveries of all kinds, notably scientific, medical or interplanetary exploration , But also promoting revolts and insurrections, natural and / or air disasters. In addition, the cycle of Europe (Jupiter / Saturn), which has been in good shape since mid-November, and also already active on 25 December 2016, will have repercussions at the end of August 2017, through a process of consolidation And better harmonization of the European Union. Good news for the West …

However, one can not ignore the major Uranus / Neptune cycle (conjunction in 1993, which saw the first steps of the Internet); A cycle that comes to a high point in 2017 and will last until 2019. I interpret it as a major crisis-the first-linked to the Web, from which we will discover the problems and limitations of the system. As if to extrapolate, invent, find solutions to the problems posed, this dissonance could also result in enormous bugs, even cyber-wars. My advice: Let’s put all our personal data safe on external hard drives, be vigilant and adaptable and make the back round!

Finally, last cycle between slow planets in this year 2017 which opens, that of Jupiter / Pluto, which will be active until next August, with a major milestone in March. What can we expect from this dissonance? A probable monetary crisis or affecting high finance, big trusts, perhaps oil, a phase of bitter struggles for power and favoring the police states.

Fortunately, as said above, the year ends in beauty with the trine Jupiter / Neptune which comes to the point to remind humanity to more spirituality.

In short, good and not so good on the horizon of this new 2017 vintage, which I wish you … delectable!

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