Taurus – your astrology forecast for year 2017

Here is our taurus astro news for this year . Born after the 25th, from Christmas 2016 until August 2017, Saturn, alias Kronos, forces you to come back to the past, to resolve any disputes that prevent you from going forward, and that, in a climate And a relative drop of vital energy-Saturn dixit … Take care to revitalize yourself and refuse as much as possible the increases in responsibilities, especially late January, late May / early June, mid-October. On the other hand, born after the 28th, you will continue to enjoy the beautiful Neptunian energies – as for more than a year; An influx conducive to idealized friendships, and perhaps a humanitarian project, for Neptune has filled you with new empathy for some time. An influx that makes you more sensitive to art, spirituality and religion. Another good news is that the Mars / Venus duo will be complicit in your form and seduction in January, June and September, while the Red Planet will boost your energy in mid-March, the first fortnight of June and September and December. Good luck !

Thanks to Neptune, you will have friendly ties that will satisfy you, with projects that will make dream the pragmatic Taurus that you are … Projects that you will have chances to achieve especially mid-January, then late March, mid-June, Late September / early October and mid-December. These will be moments when your entrepreneurial spirit and your vital impetus will be magnified and will come to concretize these beautiful energies. Enjoy it, because this Neptunian influx happens only every 28 years! More sensitive to the invisible and empathy for the neighbor, some will devote themselves to a humanitarian project. Born before the 6th, this one could be born in March and give fruit from the summer, and until 2018. Born after the 5th, you have the chance to have as a friend a regenerating Pluto; It will protect your businesses abroad, your big escapades, your studies and exams, your media and political projects. What you will do in the first half of the year will bear fruit by the end of 2018, and even until November 2019! A phase of your existence that will change your life … In better, richer and stronger! .. As for Venus, your star, it will give you an extra charm in mid-January, in mid-June, Mid-August, end of September / beginning of October and mid-November, while your relationship will be boosted at the end of January (from December), early March, late May / early June, late June / December: possible juicy contracts (with foreigners?) To the key. Finally, last but not least, you will end the year on the hats of wheels with, in December, the opposition of Jupiter / Mars: calm the game!

That is, a year without major planetary transit, which should keep you safe from cosmic turbulence! In 2018, the trine of Saturn will consolidate your existence according to your wishes, while Jupiter will bless your unions and collaborations. Meanwhile, in this new 2017 vintage, count on a fishery and projects boosted at the end of January, as well as in mid-April, exquisite meetings in June and in mid-August, in September and in late November (With a flat: it depends on your personal sky natal). Challenge periods in February, August, early November: raise -le! …

Aries 2017 horoscope

Indeed, no major influx of slow planets will occur on your natal Sun-excluding, of course, other factors in your personal natal sky, factors undetectable in a collective horoscope. On the other hand, Mars, your star, will boost your energy in early February, encouraging projects and meetings. An excellent time, on the other hand, to see your friends who could be involved in these projects … End April-early May, the same March will be an accomplice of your relationship: you will not know where to head! Same for late July and early August, a period favorable to hot passions and exciting sports (martial arts, boxing, extreme sports …). End of October-beginning of November, put the pedal soft, but in mid-December, press the accelerator! At the heart, a meeting in early February could bloom in March and fill you with happiness in early May.

Pluto, a metamorphosis planet, whose influx is very rare (some 60 years for squares), requires you, born after the 5th, to review your priorities, to question you about your deep aspirations. In fact, you will approach an irreversible and irreversible crossroads of your career (change of sector of activity, retirement, …). A turning point in your destiny, which you will have to accept, forced and forced. A questioning of the couple or the partner could be a reflection or consequence, especially in March-April (born around 9) and early August (born around the 7th). Count in mid-May and mid-June, as well as in mid-July, to set the record straight and orientate things in the direction of your goals. This will not always be easy, given the opposition of Jupiter who, between the beginning of April and the end of August, could put on the fire in relation to your relational life. A separation or a divorce is not excluded in this case for the couples beating the wing. But Mars will give you fishing in February, mid-May, mid-August and late December, while Venus will give you a special charm in early March, mid-May, mid-August, mid-November (with a flat) and end December. Good luck !

2017 promises to be an exceptional vintage. Indeed you will receive the transit-unique in your existence, given its frequency of 84 years! -Uranus, the planet of the great turnings, the renewal and the unforeseen adventures. Uranus, called lightning … In other words, according to your natal Sun, this influx, synonymous with drastic changes, will either carry an enthusiastic renewal or a change accompanied by stress … A mixture of the two. But above all, you will change your personality and goals; Animated by a great need for freedom and liberation, including in relation to your couple ties, you will want to say no to the alienations that prevent you from being yourself. Already a nature-hunter, try to avoid the politics of scorched earth, due to a high risk of dispute, or even separation with the spouse or partner. Born before the 14th, caution the first three months – which will affect September / October. Luckless! … Luckily for you, you will be entitled to a constructive Saturn as a railing throughout the year, an influx that will set you in change. It should also give you a good recognition of your merits (promotion?), Especially in August – often in spinoffs at the end of 2016. To you, readings and rewarding trips, training and examinations cheering, the policy will exalt you .. And why not start writing your memoirs? March will boost your vitality and your businesses in early March, late May, late August / early September, while Cupid will be wicking late May-June, late July, mid-September and mid-December. My advice: Due to the dissonance Uranus / Neptune (climate of confusion, risk of unwelcome decisions), which will affect you in August and October if you were born around 18th April, beware of mistakes, calumnies and other losses And thefts, as well as diseases / discomforts difficult to diagnose! A Wise Aries …

2017, year of contrasts, WHO ENDS IN BEAUTY

If one considers the number of positive and negative aspects formed by the 5 slow planets of the solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) as the criterion of qualitative evaluation of a year, Year 2017 has the same number of negative (6) and positive (4) aspects as 2016. But of course these are aspects between different planets, which changes the climate of the year ahead. We will have to wait until 2018 to see the reverse, with five positive aspects and only two negative-eggs! Let’s keep our eyes on the 2018 horizon! …

So what about 2017?

Let us begin with the end: the year ends better than it begins. Thanks to Jupiter / Neptune at the beginning of December – which will play the extensions until August 2018 – we can count on a society more inclined to empathy, sharing and spirituality, while we can expect an (early) The problem of migrants. This cycle being that of France, this country should be specially involved … Since the end of 2016, particularly noteworthy because of the exact aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus on Christmas Day (!), And then through 2017, In mid-October when Jupiter changes sign to enter Scorpio), the global planetary climate resembles a potpourri full of contradictions: On one side, with Saturn / Uranus, the cycle of the United States and the right – at Christmas, then in May (!) And in November – the right is privileged everywhere to the detriment of the left; On the other hand, there is a tendency to make new with old (recycling), a phenomenon that happily opposes programmed obsolescence. To the great benefit of the planet. On the other hand, with Jupiter / Uranus, very active, there too, around Christmas and then beginning of March and beginning of October, there will be a climate favorable to inventions and discoveries of all kinds, notably scientific, medical or interplanetary exploration , But also promoting revolts and insurrections, natural and / or air disasters. In addition, the cycle of Europe (Jupiter / Saturn), which has been in good shape since mid-November, and also already active on 25 December 2016, will have repercussions at the end of August 2017, through a process of consolidation And better harmonization of the European Union. Good news for the West …

However, one can not ignore the major Uranus / Neptune cycle (conjunction in 1993, which saw the first steps of the Internet); A cycle that comes to a high point in 2017 and will last until 2019. I interpret it as a major crisis-the first-linked to the Web, from which we will discover the problems and limitations of the system. As if to extrapolate, invent, find solutions to the problems posed, this dissonance could also result in enormous bugs, even cyber-wars. My advice: Let’s put all our personal data safe on external hard drives, be vigilant and adaptable and make the back round!

Finally, last cycle between slow planets in this year 2017 which opens, that of Jupiter / Pluto, which will be active until next August, with a major milestone in March. What can we expect from this dissonance? A probable monetary crisis or affecting high finance, big trusts, perhaps oil, a phase of bitter struggles for power and favoring the police states.

Fortunately, as said above, the year ends in beauty with the trine Jupiter / Neptune which comes to the point to remind humanity to more spirituality.

In short, good and not so good on the horizon of this new 2017 vintage, which I wish you … delectable!

Pisces 2018 horoscope – a nice preview

This year’s global climate

The year 2017 has been challenging, has changed many landmarks in your life in general. And now you are going to reach a stage in which you can find considerable support in your life in all areas. There is a lot of new knowledge in perspective, which will satisfy your need for vast latitudes and escape. But what will give you much more personal aplomb in the end. You will have to realize that you are not alone in thinking in certain ways. Solitude flies away literally!

Love for Pisces in 2018

You will benefit from Jupiterian influx that will allow you to discover new aspects in your affective relationships this year. You will gradually evolve into more situations that promote intimacy, whether with your partner, or with the meetings you will not fail to do if you are solo. Committed to generosity and confidence, you will be spontaneously more open, and your ties benefit. From February to April, you will sort through your necessary relationships and futile relationships. Between April and July, you will have a period of great opportunity for meetings. Especially if you are single, you will be exposed to many favorites, be careful not to engage too quickly, especially in May, August and October 2018. You will be more inclined to make efforts, concessions, Bring you closer to those you love. You will seek above all the complicity and the harmony, but do not forget to remain vertical on your fundamental values. Your affectivity tends to disarm you too much especially in autumn 2018. John Terry from horoscope2018.co.uk predicted the same thing for pisces.

Labor and Finance in 2018
Your relational and mental flexibility will be your major asset this year as part of your professional life. You will often be solicited again this year to help, support your collaborators, with the difference that this year it will be essential to sort, to prioritize these calls so as not to disperse or sacrifice yourself. Attention to certain people who will try to abuse your skills only for their benefit, especially in May and October 2018. If you manage to stay focused on your needs, your ambitions, everything will be fine. Pluto in sextile to your sector gives you the necessary pugnacity to specialize you, to perfect your projects, to concentrate so do not let yourself be enjoined by simple promises.

Your Vitality in 2018
This will be mixed in terms of your metabolism this year. You will naturally tend to “forget” your body, not to take into account the signs before runners of fatigue, deficiency. It will be necessary to regularly reserve you beaches of rest and calm enough to maintain your energy and your spring at a good level, more than ever. The influxes of Neptune make you permeable to others and you will need emotionally to evacuate anything that does not belong to you in order to keep an optimism and a moral bite sufficient to whip and go forward.

Your loves will experience a highly fulfilling period. The chance of the meetings will be more positive than usual, especially if you compare with 2016. A whole new cycle starts, and so it will not be uncommon that following a break, you left even better thanks to a striking encounter . Some of you will discover different cultures through these. They will be significant for your development for the next twelve years. Luck is with you, facilities are announced. You will be able to impose yourself more fully facing the other without causing clashes! Your thirst for life definitely takes over and you will know how to pass it on to your partner. You will be eager to approach the firm ground of your ideals faster, without waiting any longer. You will have more ease in your relationships, less doubts about yourself and ricochet, on the partner. This extra aplomb will be a real talisman for your loves. Attention in April and October, you may find yourself in a double situation, the choice will not seem easy and the situation can settle for a long time.

Labor and Finance in 2018

Your professional life is protected this year. The influx of Jupiter will be a powerful agent of luck, which will not only open you new interesting doors but also give you more comfort in the daily life of your current activities if you do not want to change. But expansion opportunities are announced, it would be a shame to refuse them because they will match what you like and are likely to give you. The most favorable times for changing lanes are in February, April and June 2018. There are changes in status in the air, challenges to be met, and these are levers of opportunity. Last year had to be tough in this area, you are ready to straighten out situations, to start a new foot, to mobilize a lot of courage. In other words, a certain excess of optimism leads you towards the success of your projects.