Compatibility between man pisces and woman taurus

This meeting between a woman native of Taurus and a man Pisces is full of promises. From the first glances exchanged, these two beings attract deeply Sensuality is at the rendezvous and their frolics will be of striking intensity, as they are on the same wavelength. There is no need for long speeches between them. Their sixth sense allows them to understand themselves with delight.

The Pisces will seduce the woman Taurus thanks to a sensitivity at the edge of skin. She will be under the spell of this man out of nowhere, a little enclosed and mysterious, difficult to grasp, a little fragile. This will pique his curiosity and maintain his desire. For her part, she will embrace her partner by her unusual sensuality mixed with a maternal sweetness. Both will experience intense moments of pleasure with each other.

As a couple, tensions will not fail to surface. The dreamy temperament of the Pisces man will sometimes irritate to the highest point Madame Taurus who she, always has the head on the shoulders. This will give her a place she will accept for a while: that of mothering her. For his part, he will be hampered by his need to control everything, his attachment to traditions, to conventions that he will shatter at the slightest opportunity.

Moreover, Madame Taurus, who is very possessive, could very well be horrified by the fleeing behavior of her partner. Fortunately, the Pisces man will not return to his game and will succeed in keeping his garden secret while reassuring him a minimum.

Nevertheless, their relationship will be a source of enrichment for both of them if they know how to take advantage of their differences. Thus, Mr. Poisson, great idealist will find in his partner a sort of facilitator. She who has the concrete meaning of things, she will know how to give him confidence, she will push him to realize what is close to her heart. At his contact, he will learn to assert himself, to make decisions, to be less discreet. For his part, the Taurus woman will find in him the fantasy and the freshness that he lacks a little bit in everyday life. It will blur its benchmarks, destabilize it a little, more its greater pleasure.

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