Find your free Sagittarius horoscope for February 2017

1st decan: until February 13th, it fuses, it’s exciting, it makes you take the lead, it creates a flapping aura. The real start of the year, the time of the challenges, an important launch is good now! In this first fortnight of February, our Sagittarius does not lack air and strikes a great blow: what energy, what audacity! Everyone is with you and you are on every blow: ah they are nice these planets in Aries! After February 19, the Sun in Pisces does on the other hand a little “disorder”. A bit of carelessness, unfulfilled deadlines, a confused atmosphere: oh … it feels relaxed. Get back in hand! 2nd decan: after February 10, our Sagittarius attacks with courage and efficiency everything that has dragged too much. In January, it smelled of demotivation but now place to action and new conquests! A great awakening of energy will make you opt for the “quick done, well done” and it will surprise many. More time to lose: you will feel capable of everything, you will go straight to the goal and you will wisely use the beautiful aggressive force of this Mars in Aries. This 2nd fortnight of February has something of a big bowl of fresh, exhilarating and regenerating air. 3rd decan: from 9th February, the sky clearly wants to be forgiven for the vicissitudes of last month and you breath that the wheel has turned, that we must believe in it and find the positive attitude. The chance is now with you (for a few weeks) and some doors will open surprisingly, your audacity will be able to pay, your steps will succeed, new adventures await you and a success is within your reach. This is indicated by the excellent Sun-Jupiter-Uranus (between 9 and 18), Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus (between 20 and 25) and finally Mars-Uranus (after the 25th).
In Love … Sagittarius Horoscope

1st and 2nd decans: with Venus and Mars in Aries, the love relationships are more spirited, the spurts are spontaneous, frank, direct, the desires are expressed in the form of small delusions, the libido debrides cheerfully, the surprises are fired. Everything is ultra-living and sometimes joyfully inconsistent in this climate. It’s nice as a mood for a funny and entertaining Valentine’s Day. The first decan is concerned between 3 and 23 February. The 2nd decan will have this chance between 11 and 28. To your loves: they will surely be worth the detour! 3rd decan: the potential larvae crisis initiated at the end of January may last until 5 February. Heavy climate, frustrations very present, latent dissatisfactions … Quickly sweep these bad waves persistent and turn the page! You already know that the Sun-Jupiter-Uranus agreement (between 9 and 18 February) suggests a promising clearing in your life. This will be the occasion of the Valentine’s Day: bets that for you, this festival of lovers will help you to find happier horizons!

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