On November 30, 1979, DPA issued the information entitled “Nostradamus had Prophesied the Tehran Crisis”. The news tells us of the terrible concussion caused by a documentary of the famous director Paul Drane in the Australian public. The presentation of the documentary, which deals with the life of the prophet of the sixteenth century, Michel de Nostradamus, and which includes the prophecy of the Arab invasion in Europe, coincided with the taking of the US embassy by Iranian students , This subject at the same time provoked in Australia the purchase of all the books of Nostradamus in one day, and seemed to promise the realization of a prophecy 425 years old.

Already in 1939, shortly after Germany had invaded Europe, Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, had reproduced a falsified document from Nostradamus for dissemination in Europe. The British secret services spent £ 80,000 on counter-propaganda. If you are really interested to find out more aboutNostradamus prophecies for year 2018 visit this website .

In the prologue of the first edition of the Centuries, the same author assures us that the future and the end of humanity are contained in his prophecies.

In his enigmatic verses, important personalities and events appear, including the two world wars, the destruction of New York, Paris, Rome, London and a third atomic war.

Michel de Nostre-Dame, an illustrious French doctor born in 1503, is considered to be the greatest seer of history. The first of his major prophecies, known as The Centuries, were published in 1555. At the same time, his prophecies began to be accomplished with accuracy, to the point that for this reason he was appointed doctor and counselor of the King.

The first public manifestation of his prophetic gift came to a village lost in the Ancona countryside in Italy when he kneeled in humility before a poor Franciscan monk named Felix Peretti. Asked by other monks about his strange attitude, he replied: “Should not I kneel before his Holiness?” 19 years after the death of Nostradamus, the world will know the poor monk under the name of “Pope Sixtus V”.

Many authors agree that the prophecy that made Nostradamus gain access to fame at the same time was as follows:

The young lion will defeat the old man. The battlefield, by a singular duel. The eyes will sprout in a golden cage, forces in combat, one will remain, the other will die of a cruel death.

Four years after the publication of this prophecy, Henry II., The lion, king of France, died in terrible pains, because of a loud spear of the young lion, the Earl of Montgomery, who crossed the golden helmet of His majesty, perforating one eye, during a friendly tournament. It is said that the king cursed the prophet on his deathbed, after understanding the significance of his prophecy.

There has been much criticism of the obscure and enigmatic language Nostradamus uses; However, in the Letter to Henry II, the seer insures that he did it deliberately. “The times require that such occult events be prophesied only in very enigmatic form … If he wanted, he might well fix The date for each quatrain. ”

Despite the darkness of his quatrains, according to various studies, 95% of his prophecies have been fully verified.
Nostradamus – The French Revolution – taking the bastille

The quatrain which relates to the French Revolution relative to King Louis XVI is more like the historical account of an eyewitness than a prophecy made with 200 years of anticipation:

On the 20th of July, 1792, in the Tuileries palace, 500 Marseilles forced King Louis XVI to put a Phrygian cap (miter), a revolutionary symbol, as a mockery to the fallen king. The Count of Narbone-Lara, former Minister of War, had resigned, after having been unable to control the army, to betray the king. The other traitor, named Saulce, arrested Louis XVI. When he tried to flee to join loyal troops. Curiously, as Nostradamus indicates, Saulce was a seller of oil, grease and soap.

As far as the characters are concerned, we shall mention only two examples, but Nostradamus anticipates the existence of almost all the kings of France; Cromwell and Charles I; The death of various Popes, Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler, De Gaulle, Mussolini, including according to many authors, the murder of John F. Kennedy and other contemporary figures. Let us analyze some isolated verses relative to Napoleon:
Michel of Nostradamus Napoleon Bonaparte

An emperor will be born near Italy. From a private soldier, he became Emperor. It will institute absolute control over the Church. Fourteen years will remain at the command.

Napoleon was born in Corsica, opposite the Gulf of Genoa, in Italy. From the rank of second lieutenant of artillery, he acceded to the office of Emperor. He controlled the Church; It will suffice to recall that in 1809 he ordered the Pope to annul his marriage with Josephine.

“The Shaved Head,” as Nostradamus calls it, probably because he never used the long traditional wig of the French kings, reigned from November 9, 1799 to April 6, 1814; Exactly 14 years.

The visionary doctor also prophesied his principal campaigns, his rout in Russia and his exile to the island of Elba.

Another equally surprising prophecy is the announcement of the cause of the Second World War: Adolph Hitler. Let us analyze the quatrain in which he gives the führer’s own name.